May 06, 2015

New Unity Game Project

I wanted to update a bit on the game development front as I haven't posted anything regarding that in a while. I recently just finished my second foray into learning Unity having finished their 2D Roguelike tutorial. Definitely a lot easier for me to understand having tinkered with Unity3D and having developed 4orner.

So I am trying to create another game using Unity as my technology of choice. Nothing as strict as my thirty day challenge as last time, but I plan on utilizing some of the mistakes and lessons learned from my previous experiences.

Here are the two simple goals to my endeavor:
  • Create a mobile game with Unity
  • Publish to Google Play and iOS App Store
As far as what kind of game I want to create, the pictures below are the initial whiteboard mock-ups I quickly put together.
What the game will look like (hopefully)
How the game will play (possibly)

On a site note, I wonder what I should name it?


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see this!

Lakshya PareekBR said...

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