January 30, 2015

#30daydeveloper - Day 26 - Tutorials and Love

Hello! If this is your first time reading about my thirty day developer challenge, click here to go to the first post!
With only four days remaining, I realized I should probably start writing a bit more. This challenge wasn't just done to create a cool game (in fact I had low expectations of being able to complete a game) but more to figure out about myself and my work habits. The full write-up will be delivered at the end of the thirty days, but as you can see from my blog and my almost complete game, things are going pretty well.
I love this message.
On with the changelog!
  • Quit corner now works, prompting users for confirmation before navigating away to my personal webpage
  • Tutorial corner now works
    • Six levels in the tutorial outlining the basic concepts of the game
    • Repeatable but you can close out by pressing R at any time
  • Added message for restarting the game
  • Fixed a bug with creating enemy balls that wouldn't allow me to properly create multiple balls at the same time

On a side note, I still need to polish up the game for mobile--that might be the final mountain to climb in my challenge.

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