January 27, 2015

#30daydeveloper - Day 21 & 22 - Game Over

Hello! If this is your first time reading about my thirty day developer challenge, click here to go to the first post!
 Hurray, more changelogs!
  • Enemy balls now change the color of the player upon collision
    • This is kind of an annoying new feature, I might take this out
  • Multiplier texts are now in place to inform the player of the score multiplier
  • The player's size grows smaller when hit by an enemy of a different color
    • Game is over when the player is reduced to nothing
      • Game over text appears properly and the game stops running
    • Player's size grows back when collecting a ball of the same color
      • Perhaps the player's size should also increase depending on the multiplier

On a side note, do you think the multipliers are fair? Or are some of them too many points for too easy of a task?

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