January 22, 2015

#30daydeveloper - Day 18 - Player Colors

Hello! If this is your first time reading about my thirty day developer challenge, click here to go to the first post!

So today I added a limit to the time stop ability. You can now only stop time for 200 milliseconds before it goes on cooldown. However, the game still isn't all too fun to play. It was very cumbersome to stop time and to alter the direction of each and every enemy ball to send them to the correct corner. And given the new time limit, it was pretty difficult.

So I changed it that once an enemy ball touches the player, it disappears. This solved the problem of a million enemy balls cornering the player and a negative score in the tens of thousands. I also changed the spawn pattern to a random location a set distance away from the center of the screen. But yet, it was still relatively boring to play.
The player is now pink, therefore able to collect the pink enemy balls
Here's where I created the player color mechanic. Now you can drag the player ball wherever you click without needing to stop time. In addition, when the player touches any of the four corners, the color of the player ball changes. This way when you collide with any enemy balls of the same color, your score goes up.

In addition, when time is stopped, the player can collect any colored ball for a neutral score. I had to implement this feature because if you cannot keep up with the enemy spawn times, then the number of enemies becomes pretty overwhelming.

I have to admit I am finally at a point where I can see some semblance of fun in this game. I guess I didn't really have a goal or anything when I set out on this journey, but it's really heartwarming to know that my time isn't being completely wasted, haha. At least I'm learning a ton about Phaser. And who knows? This knowledge might go a long way in some future endeavor of mine.

On a side note, game design is really hard. I had always thought that the technical part of actually making the game was the hardest part, but that is slowly proving to be false with this thirty day challenge.

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