January 05, 2015

#30daydeveloper - Day 1 - War of Shapes

Today marks the first day of a new experiment I am doing. Dubbed the "30 Day Developer" challenge. I am taking the next thirty days to try to fulfill my two new years resolutions. For the next thirty days, I will create a working prototype of an idea I had for a mobile game.

Furthermore, I promise that I will...
  1. develop for at least an hour each day.
  2. blog about the day's events and any related events / thoughts.
  3. not give up!
Mock up of "War of Shapes" (name pending finalization)
The game is very simple (as I believe mobile games should be). Several colored balls drop from a chute onto the middle of the screen. The player then used his/her finger to swipe the colored ball into the matching colored corner. The game is meant to be played at an incredibly fast pace (think Super Hexagon). I also envisioned techno-trance music roaring in the background as the user madly swipes at his/her phone.

The game will be developed using the languages I am familiar with--namely JavaScript with some HTML / CSS. I also intend on utilizing the Phaser framework coupled with PhoneGap to wrap it as a mobile application. I don't have much experience with Phaser aside from tinkering around with its Hello World tutorial, and I have absolutely zero experience with PhoneGap. But isn't part of being a good developer the ability to learn quickly on the job?

Currently my work is hosted via Heroku using Node.JS at this link.

Through initial research and half-hazard reading of internet articles, I have determined that the actions of starting the development of a game and finishing the development of a game are the two hardest parts of the process. If that's true, then I am already more than halfway through--on only my first day!

I don't know what will happen in the next thirty days. If history is any indication, I will post an apology one week from now saying that I failed the challenge on day two. Hopefully that doesn't happen and I will learn a great deal about myself by doing this endeavor.

On a side note, please wish me luck!

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