March 30, 2012


Peaceful night sky
So it's currently Spring Break over here in Brown. I didn't go anywhere, but instead elected to stay on the campus. It's really peaceful as everybody already left for warmer locations. I decided to try an experiment for the duration of the break--I decided to go nocturnal.

Why you ask? No particular reason. It's just something that I naturally tend towards anyway. I get most of my work done at night. I play with my friends at night. I sleep really late and wake up even later. My life has always been on the nocturnal side. I am no morning person.

So this break, I decided to fully embrace it and go 100% nocturnal--sleeping at 8AM and waking up past 6PM. Or sleeping at sunrise and waking at sunset. I don't really know what biological effects this experiment has had on my body (Vitamin D). But so far, I feel perfectly fine. Adjusting my sleep cycle took a few days where I progressively slept later and later. First 6AM, then 7AM, then 8AM, and finally 9AM. It's been an interesting journey and I have learned a few things.

I think I prefer being nocturnal. An average day (or night) begins with me waking up to my friends/suitemates. They are all hungry from a day of being awake and wake me up to go grab dinner. No blaring alarm to wake up to, no deadline to meet, just relaxation.

Next, my night begins with dinner (or breakfast) with my friends. We enjoy a lovely meal and conversation. I love how the first thing I do after waking up is relax with my friends and have a good time. Afterwards we'd play video games or watch movies. Since none of my friends hang out in the day, I usually don't miss much.

Eventually, the day-mongers would get tired and all retire to their respective beds. After everybody goes to bed, I return to my room, play loud music and do whatever I please. I finished the Millenium Series, reorganized my entire music library, did my laundry, wrote blog posts, did some homework, and finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. The best part of being awake at night is that nobody else is awake to bother you. No nagging to go to bed. No annoying questions. Nobody telling you what to do. It was peaceful. It was serene.

On a side note, if there were no classes, I think I'd gladly switch to being nocturnal full-time.
On a side side note, classes start in 3 days. I unfortunately have to pull an all-dayer to fix this schedule again. Oh well.

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