January 13, 2012

Summer Plans Email

The below is a copy of an email I sent to a contact. In retrospect, it is way too long and there's no way the person who I sent it to read it all, given their business. However, I thought it was a good piece that showed the passion and dedication I once had. I think I'm starting to get it back, little by little.
My name is Wonmin Lee. I am the cousin of Won Joon Lee. This summer, I need to work. I have worked tirelessly to get into Stuyvesant High School. In the post-achievement glory, I slacked off, yet realized soon enough to manage to get into Oxford College of Emory University. Now, I am determined to not let my achievements blind me from my goal in life. I am aware of my current successes, I am truly glad of what I was able to accomplish. However, I am also aware of how far I have yet to go--of how far behind others I truly am. This is the reason why I need to work this summer. Because I cannot afford the time to play around when I have so much ground to cover--just to catch up with the vast amounts of people ahead of me.  
In the financial and business world, a good educational background and contacts can get your foot in the door. However, no matter how stellar your recommendation or your credentials may be, if you do not have the talent to back up your first impression, failure is almost guaranteed. I believe that I have the perseverance, enthusiasm, and creativity that will put me above the crowd. I believe in my ability to impress--I just need that one interview, that one meeting to establish who I am and what I can accomplish. 
I do not know the intricate workings of the market and its behavior. As a college freshman, I cannot possibly predict where our economy will be in the next week, let alone a year. My personal portfolio experienced a loss of 99% in the past two months. I jumped in the market with limited prior knowledge and a heart filled with determination and confidence. Two months later, I barely survived, gasping back on the shore with less than twenty dollars left. The difference aside from the obvious $1,980 loss is a new grasp of the workings of the market—a firsthand experience that I believe is priceless and an incredible bargain at such a price. My confident and determined heart is if anything, even more confident and determined. 
The past two months has been the most revealing two months of my life, not only due to the market, but my lifestyle as a whole. I woke at 8:30 every day, to catch the market openings. I stayed up late researching the latest financial news. I picked several stocks every week and compared them to the S&P--averaging an unimpressive -0.50% margin of increase versus the S&P. Given a goal, I laid out the plans to achieve that goal and worked at it relentlessly. My goal wasn't to earn money; it was to learn as much as I possibly could before going broke. I believe that I have accomplished that goal. However, similarly with my current college status, I cannot let this victory deter me from achieving greater victories in the future. This isn't the time to celebrate, but rather keep moving forward. This is the reason why I need to work this summer. My previous goals, whether they were achieved or not, matter little once I have set my next goal.  
My next goal is to learn the intricacies and inner workings of an already established and renowned financial company. The history, credentials, and the name of the firm matters very little. What matters is the amount I could take with me on my journey to a successful future. Which company will be the greatest teacher to the aspiring leader? Which company can provide exposure to the resources that make a business man a business man? What is the difference between risk management and trading? And where can I learn these things firsthand? 
The other day, I was walking in Wall Street with two of my college friends. We happened upon the New York Stock Exchange where the traders were leaving for the day, the market being closed. A group of middle-aged Asian women were standing at the entrance taking group pictures with some of the people who were exiting the building. I was amazed. Since when did businessmen become celebrities? It struck me then that these men were all successful. I wanted to be like them. To leave everyday at 4 o'clock, discussing with my fellow traders about the day's various trades and hot stocks. A person with almost nowhere to go but up on the corporate ladder. I firmly believe that I have what it takes to climb that ladder. When you ask me why I would want to climb that specific ladder, I can only answer by saying, "Because the view is nice."  
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. 
Wonmin Lee

On a side note, I didn't realize that the world of search was so complicated and interesting.
On a side side note, I added my Google+ profile to the sidebar! Check it out!


Eunju said...

So glad to have read this and learn more about your motivations!! It seems more like a creative writing piece than a letter to a potential contact. It is vast in its dreams, which is why I enjoyed it so much, but very vague in what you wanted from whoever you were writing to. Go 1min!

eunju again sorry said...

actually it does bluntly request a job position but I don't think that's enough to motivate a recipient to accomodate anything for you

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