July 25, 2011

Hover Zoom

I recently came across a new Google Chrome extension and though to myself, "Hey this is a perfect opportunity to start that new review section on my blog I've always wanted to do!" So here it is.

Name: Hover Zoom

What: Creates a zoomed version of thumbnails or links over your mouse on various websites.

Why: Because you don't want to waste time clicking image links.

So basically with this extension, you never have to click another thumbnail or link to see the full-sized image! It's perfect for Facebook, Google+, or Reddit. I've always opted to create a new tab for each picture that I wanted to see in detail, but with this extension, you can save the trouble of creating and closing a new tab by just hovering over it!

Cons: There are a few small things that irk me so far with this extension, however. Many times my mouse just happens to stop at a thumbnail that I don't want to view and the full sized image scares me as it jumps up. (Especially if it's a picture of someone's profile picture) Also sometimes the images are really high quality and take up a large portion of the screen. If you are trying to view questionable content, then it may not be so wise to cover up your entire screen with said questionable content. Another annoyance is that the extension works for almost all images. It doesn't matter if you don't want to zoom, if it's an image, the extension will zoom it for you. (For example, my blog's banner becomes zoomed even though it's unnecessary.) But then again, there's an option that lets you zoom only when a certain key is pressed.

Verdict: Awesome!

On a side note, that sandwich/burger in the picture looks delicious. I am hungry.

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