July 18, 2011

Connect With Me

This is a story about two best friends. They were the grow up like brothers kind of best friends. The chase girls together kind. The never rat the other out kind. The always true to each other thick and thin kind. You know what I mean. They were inseparable. One was named Adam, the other Bill.

Adam was an artist. He loved all forms of art--film, paint, photo, everything. If it was created or captured, chances are, he's seen it. He kept a journal of his thoughts and mostly kept to himself--and, of course, Bill. He was what you might call a shy guy. Following his passions, he went to art school and graduated with an excellent education and a renewed passion for his art.

Bill was a business man. He loved money, making deals, and shaking hands. If it was profitable or had even the slimmest chance of making money, chances are, he's done it. He rarely stays still and is constantly out and about. At the local bar, the club, restaurant, wherever the new hot spot was. He was what you might call a social guy. Following his passions, he went to business school and graduated with an excellent education and stellar recommendations.

Chunk of artistic gold.
One day, Adam struck gold. Pure artistic gold. The most unique and expressive idea he's ever had. He was excited and wanted to share with someone. Naturally, he called Bill.

"Hey Bill, I got this great idea! I really want to tell you about it, do you have some time?"

"Yeah man, of course, I'll meet you this Friday?"

"That works, see you at my apartment man."

"Nice, okay."

When Bill finally heard Adam's newest idea, he wasn't very impressed. Mild enthusiasm is probably close to what he was feeling. You see, Adam was never the best at expressing his thoughts in words. Still, because they were the best of friends, Bill still encouraged Adam to market his new idea.

Months passed and not a single museum, critic, art store, or gallery wanted to see Adam's work. In the art world, everyone believed that their own creation was gold. It wasn't enough to be unique and different. You needed something a little more than just enthusiasm. Adam was defeated. He tried hundreds of different people, but nobody wanted to give his work so much as a glance. They were "busy."

He complained to Bill, "I don't understand why nobody is willing to give my idea a quick look! I'm sure they'll love it if they just hear me out!" He was on his fifth beer of the night.

"You can't just expect to walk right into any institution and expect that they'll look at your work," Bill replied. He was on his second beer of the night.

"Why the hell not? These douchebags." Adam was past pleasantries.

"Well these people are busy, and frankly they don't really have the time to spend with you. I'm sure they're all nice people, just very very busy." Bill ignored the attitude.

"Well then how can I get them to see it?"

"Okay, listen. I have this one past client who deals with your type of art. I'll try talking to him and see if he'd be interested in seeing your idea. No promises though."

With that, Adam was able to connect with Bill's past client. The client loved the idea and funded Adam completely to follow through with the project. It became a global sensation and struck the art scene with the force of diarrhea after eating bad Mexican food. (Very strong). Adam was the next Picasso. The next Spielberg. The next big celebrity. He was a bit overwhelmed with his new found fame, but never forgot the important lesson he learned from Bill at that bar.

No matter how successful, powerful, or famous a person gets, they did not get there by themselves. And to forget the people who helped you along the way, or to never pass it forward by helping others, is a pretty big dick move. You see, talent and passion can only get you so far, it's networking and connecting that really gets you out there.

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Unknown said...

hmmm. I feel like this story is explicitly trying to tell us something. It's just so subtle. hahaha. just kidding. it might be because you told me about it before.

aviatorandy said...

I like the story! :) Be my Bill and I'll be yours as well :)

ienthekorean said...

I heard this quote once saying how the most important ingredient to success is one's ability to get along with others. If you got good people skills, you're already a step above others.
And yeah, I do see this problem with so many people. Though they have so much potential and talent and ability, they can't get it out there because of their own selfishness, unpreparedness, etc.

1min said...

Just want to make sure you know, Ien. I wrote this story for you as a response to your latest blog post. I know I don't directly say it, but it is.

ienthekorean said...

I hope you aren't saying I'm a dick -_-;;

1min said...

No! I didn't call you a big dick, haha. That part was actually more intended for anyone else.

Sorry if it seemed like I called you a dick. I just meant to respond to your dislike of networking with an anecdotal story of how networking can be beneficial.

Unknown said...

hahaha. oh wonmin and ien.

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