July 07, 2011


So I've done a bit of coding for my internship here at caseable. We use Google Docs over here to do all our stuff, so I was working on the Google spreadsheet when I decided that I wanted to try my hand at coding. I wanted to take the URL from one data column, the site name from another data column, and create a new column with the combined hyperlink.

I knew that I could always just refer to the two data cells and hide the columns, but being the perfectionist that I am, I didn't want to "hide" anything. But I didn't know how to get the data from one cell to another without referring! So I did some research and two hours of trial and error afterwards, I finally was able to write the above code.

The second function took some of the stuff I learned from the first and creates comments on the first column using the data from a different column. This way, I was able to delete the unnecessary column and free a lot of space from the whole spreadsheet.

I feel accomplished now.

On a side note, don't judge my code if it's not super efficient. I may not be a computer genius, but I am quite proud of my achievement.
On a side side note, can you see the design changes I made to my blog?
On a side side side note, with Microsoft Office's "record macro" feature, this would've been cakewalk. Due to Google's lack of "record script" feature, I had to force myself to learn some coding. So I guess thanks Google?

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