July 27, 2011

LIC Panorama

Click me for full resolution!

On a side note, this picture was taken in Long Island City, right across from the east side of Manhattan.
On a side side note, I took this photo with my Droid Incredible, using this app.

July 25, 2011

Hover Zoom

I recently came across a new Google Chrome extension and though to myself, "Hey this is a perfect opportunity to start that new review section on my blog I've always wanted to do!" So here it is.

Name: Hover Zoom

What: Creates a zoomed version of thumbnails or links over your mouse on various websites.

Why: Because you don't want to waste time clicking image links.

So basically with this extension, you never have to click another thumbnail or link to see the full-sized image! It's perfect for Facebook, Google+, or Reddit. I've always opted to create a new tab for each picture that I wanted to see in detail, but with this extension, you can save the trouble of creating and closing a new tab by just hovering over it!

Cons: There are a few small things that irk me so far with this extension, however. Many times my mouse just happens to stop at a thumbnail that I don't want to view and the full sized image scares me as it jumps up. (Especially if it's a picture of someone's profile picture) Also sometimes the images are really high quality and take up a large portion of the screen. If you are trying to view questionable content, then it may not be so wise to cover up your entire screen with said questionable content. Another annoyance is that the extension works for almost all images. It doesn't matter if you don't want to zoom, if it's an image, the extension will zoom it for you. (For example, my blog's banner becomes zoomed even though it's unnecessary.) But then again, there's an option that lets you zoom only when a certain key is pressed.

Verdict: Awesome!

On a side note, that sandwich/burger in the picture looks delicious. I am hungry.

July 18, 2011

Connect With Me

This is a story about two best friends. They were the grow up like brothers kind of best friends. The chase girls together kind. The never rat the other out kind. The always true to each other thick and thin kind. You know what I mean. They were inseparable. One was named Adam, the other Bill.

Adam was an artist. He loved all forms of art--film, paint, photo, everything. If it was created or captured, chances are, he's seen it. He kept a journal of his thoughts and mostly kept to himself--and, of course, Bill. He was what you might call a shy guy. Following his passions, he went to art school and graduated with an excellent education and a renewed passion for his art.

Bill was a business man. He loved money, making deals, and shaking hands. If it was profitable or had even the slimmest chance of making money, chances are, he's done it. He rarely stays still and is constantly out and about. At the local bar, the club, restaurant, wherever the new hot spot was. He was what you might call a social guy. Following his passions, he went to business school and graduated with an excellent education and stellar recommendations.

July 13, 2011



On a side note, go to this site to make your own QR code.

July 11, 2011

Plus or Poke

I know there are tons of articles about how Google+ is the new Facebook and how Facebook is the new Myspace. I know that there are many things innovative (and lacking) about Google's newest foray into the social world. But I am not going to reiterate what many analysts have already said. I just want to add one comment or observation that I just thought of.

For as long as I can remember, I've always bragged about the number of Facebook friends I had. Whether it was the 500th milestone, or the 600th, or the 700th, I would be really proud of my expanding network. However, many of my friends did not share the same view.

Wonmin: "Hey! Check out how many Facebook friends I have!"
Friend: "So what? They're just Facebook friends..."
Wonmin: "So?"
Friend: "So, they're not really your friends!"

And that's the problem with Facebook. There seems to be a negative connotation attached to being just Facebook friends. Why or how this connotation came about, I can't really say. But this is a major weakness of the current social network Goliath. A weakness that the new social media David (Google+) can take advantage of.

On a side note, if you want a Google+ invite, post your email address in the comments below! (At your own risk! Remember, my blog is public!)

July 07, 2011

A Year in Review, Brown

First off, I'd like to apologize for the untimeliness of this post in comparison to my previous review of Oxford. I guess this just goes to show you the impression that Brown has made on me. Before I get started with this post, I would highly suggest you read my previous posts about Brown.

In chronological order, that would be "Brown or Shit?" "Prove Your Worth," "Cynicism and Drive," and "Thoughts." I know that it is a lot to read, but this post may make more sense if you read those posts. Or it may not, I don't really know. Don't say I didn't warn you though, this is a long post.


So I've done a bit of coding for my internship here at caseable. We use Google Docs over here to do all our stuff, so I was working on the Google spreadsheet when I decided that I wanted to try my hand at coding. I wanted to take the URL from one data column, the site name from another data column, and create a new column with the combined hyperlink.

I knew that I could always just refer to the two data cells and hide the columns, but being the perfectionist that I am, I didn't want to "hide" anything. But I didn't know how to get the data from one cell to another without referring! So I did some research and two hours of trial and error afterwards, I finally was able to write the above code.

The second function took some of the stuff I learned from the first and creates comments on the first column using the data from a different column. This way, I was able to delete the unnecessary column and free a lot of space from the whole spreadsheet.

I feel accomplished now.

On a side note, don't judge my code if it's not super efficient. I may not be a computer genius, but I am quite proud of my achievement.
On a side side note, can you see the design changes I made to my blog?
On a side side side note, with Microsoft Office's "record macro" feature, this would've been cakewalk. Due to Google's lack of "record script" feature, I had to force myself to learn some coding. So I guess thanks Google?