March 30, 2017

Unity Game Developer

Been a long time since I've tends to do this thing of getting in the way, haha.

Anyways, I've been recently taking a Unity game developer class. Here are some GIFs of what I've been learning--

Day 1 - Learning to move a ball with arrow keys

Day 2 - Using sprites and learning about physics

Day 3 - Flappy Bird clone complete!

Day 4 - Learning how to make a top down space shooter

Day 5 - Adding meteors

Day 6 - Using mouse to turn

Day 7 - Shooting nukes and adding menus

Day 8 - 3D Terrain building and character controllers

Day 9 - Playing with built-in 3D models

Day 10 - Learning about animations and 3D physics

Day 11 - Starting my final project (4orner 3D)

On a side note, if you notice, that last GIF is a 3D version of my hit game from 2 years ago--4orner!