May 06, 2015

New Unity Game Project

I wanted to update a bit on the game development front as I haven't posted anything regarding that in a while. I recently just finished my second foray into learning Unity having finished their 2D Roguelike tutorial. Definitely a lot easier for me to understand having tinkered with Unity3D and having developed 4orner.

So I am trying to create another game using Unity as my technology of choice. Nothing as strict as my thirty day challenge as last time, but I plan on utilizing some of the mistakes and lessons learned from my previous experiences.

Here are the two simple goals to my endeavor:
  • Create a mobile game with Unity
  • Publish to Google Play and iOS App Store
As far as what kind of game I want to create, the pictures below are the initial whiteboard mock-ups I quickly put together.
What the game will look like (hopefully)
How the game will play (possibly)

On a site note, I wonder what I should name it?

Show Review - Battle of Changsha (战长沙)

Title of Show: Battle of Changsha (战长沙)
# of Episodes: 32
Length: ~40 min per episode
Recommended: No
Tear Rating: 3
Favorite Songs: 我会记得你
Spoiler alert. Do not continue reading if you don't want the show to be spoiled.

For some reason, I find it really difficult to relate to Chinese dramas. I find some of the characters in this show to be incredibly frustrating and it made the show really difficult to sit through. Had my goal not been to learn the language but rather watch and enjoyable show, I probably would've stopped watching a long time ago. Unfortunately, despite sunk costs, I still struggled through all the way to the end.

I hated almost every character in the beginning that wasn't the son-in-law (姐夫). He was the only one who actually did practical things for the sake of the family and despite his "shady" dealings in the black market or ethically questionable businesses, he was the one character who I felt was actively doing something good. Every other character was just running around causing trouble and just complaining.

For example, in the beginning, the father would constantly berate the son-in-law about his shady businesses, stating that his money is dirty and unethically earned. Yet the father still enjoys the classical songs and theater recordings that the "dirty" money bought. This made me hate the character with enormous passion. I was pretty happy when he died in the end. Most useless character ever.

All-in-all, definitely not a drama I would recommend to others. Sure the production quality was better than 痞子英雄, but there were definitely scenes where the CGI was painfully obvious. Not to mention the same exact annoyance from 痞子英雄:
  1. Dramatic event happens to a few characters
  2. Those characters run around like headless chickens from the shock of the event
  3. Every single other character in the show asks them "what happened"
  4. They don't say it outright or make it a bigger deal than necessary
  5. More unnecessary drama unfolds from not communicating like regular human beings
I do not recommend this show.

On a side note, refer to this blog post if you are curious as to why I am reviewing this show.