March 03, 2015

dotaplays Changelog - v0.02

Haven't blogged in a while...not good. So here's what I've been working on in changelog format.
  • Tag system now works
    • Multiple tags can be entered (separated by space or commas)
  • Submission now detects duplicate GFYs
  • Pending the GFY name at the end of the URL returns the same GFY each time
  • Back and forward GFYs buttons work (same functionality as back/forward browser buttons)
  • UI changes
    • Removed title, author, and date
    • Search moved outside of menu bar and in header
    • Moved control tools to outside of the menu bar and under the GFY
      • Changed icons
    • Video sizing now a fixed percentage of view-width and view-height
    • Flavor text now changes with every refresh

On a side note, still a lot more work to do before this project is ready!