February 17, 2015

4orner Changelog v1.02 - Colorblind Mode

Hurray for increased motivation (even if it's temporary).
  • Added colorblind mode (toggle by going to the about section)
    • Each color is now associated with a shape
      • Red - triangle
      • Yellow - hexagon
      • Blue - square
      • Green - star
    • All corners, all enemy balls, the inventory, and the player now have a shape that appears in the center when color blind mode is enabled
  • Fixed the way selecting a menu option interacts with the player
    • Previously, the player would "reset" and be centered on the screen to avoid infinite loops that jump between states of the game
    • Now, when the player leaves the corner, they will reset to black--thus allowing them to select another menu option (even the same one)
  • Fixed player rotation (now player ball cannot be rotated--was obvious with colorblind mode enabled)
  • Changed about text to be more helpful instead of melodramatic
    • Help text changes depending on whether or not the player is on a desktop or mobile

On a side note, play the game here or here!
On a side side note, read about the development process here!

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