February 05, 2015

4orner Changelog v1.01 - More Multipliers

Now that my #30daydeveloper challenge is over, what's next for me? I am not quite sure but I am incredibly overjoyed at the response my game has gotten so far. It's amazing to hear how my little game has made a positive and inspirational impact on total strangers across the internet. What a world we live in.

I strongly believe that a great game developer is one who listens to the community and continuously strives for that perfection--no matter how far away that may be. So it is my duty to keep updating 4orner as feedback is received.

Today's changelog is titled - More Multipliers
  • Added several new multiplier effects
    • "Two-by-two" - get alternating colors in pairs (red, red, blue, blue, green, green, etc.)
    • "Three-by-three" - same as above but in threes
    • "Four-by-four" - same as above but in fours
    • "Half-by-half" - evenly divided half inventory (five of one color, five of another)
  • Half inventory now reduces the total multiplier by half
    • To balance this, all other multipliers are now applied at half inventory instead of requiring a full inventory
      • I felt that the half inventory was getting little to no play. Not to mention once the levels get higher it's really difficult to hold out for full inventories
  • Added new loading gif
    • With four circles (like the game!)
  • An extra ball spawns every five levels, down from every ten levels
  • Reduced ball speed increase per level by half
  • Added a new functional key - enter
    • Press enter to lock the mouse at the location of the player ball
      • May not be the best strategy late game as the ability to "teleport" from place to place requires the mouse to be unlocked
  • Added a new level in the tutorial outlining that getting alternating colors gives bonus points
    • Might be a bit difficult due to how fast balls spawn in the tutorial

On a side note, thank you everyone for your feedback!
On a side side note, play the game here or here!
On a side side side note, read about the development process here!

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