February 02, 2015

#30daydeveloper - Day 27 & 28 - Levels

Hello! If this is your first time reading about my thirty day developer challenge, click here to go to the first post!
Only two days left. I can almost taste the finish line (two idioms mixed here). Today, I implemented levels. Every hundred points, the level goes up by one. With each level, enemies move faster. Every two levels, enemies spawn quicker. And finally, every ten levels, enemies spawn in greater numbers at a time. The highest level I managed to get to myself was thirty-one with a final score of 3190. Do you think you can beat my high score?

If you're finding the beginning too slow or boring, here's a tip: since enemies move relatively slowly in the beginning, it's really easy to collect the highest combination of balls to maximize your score with a single submit (alternating, full inventory, and two color). Doing this brings you up to level seven or so immediately, drastically increasing the pace of the game.
The game gets harder with every level every hundred points
  • Implemented levels
    • Every hundred points is a new level
    • Every level enemies move faster
    • Every two levels enemies spawn quicker
    • Every ten levels enemies spawn in greater numbers
  • Implemented a pause screen (press P to pause while in game)
  • Reduced the amount of radius recovery when collecting similar colored balls
    • i.e. When you're hurt, the player's radius gets reduced by five, whereas if you collect a ball, your radius only goes up by one
  • Fixed a bug with inventory not clearing upon game over
  • Reworded the quit and return text (removed periods)

On a side note, I got nothing today for you here.

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