January 28, 2015

#30daydeveloper - Day 23 - Restart

Hello! If this is your first time reading about my thirty day developer challenge, click here to go to the first post!
Today was a bit of a slower day.
Game over, try to beat my score?
  • Fixed centering of game over text
  • Added restart game when pressing R after game over
  • Existing balls continue to move randomly after game over
  • Removed ability for balls to change player color
  • Player now can be hit a maximum of ten times of the opposite color before losing
    • Collecting a matching ball increases the player's life count by one
    • Player's size corresponds to the player ball's size (with growing and shrinking animation)
  • Added keyboard support
    • WASD / arrow keys for movement
    • 1234 to teleport to a corner

On a side note, only one week left! How much further can I get?

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