November 04, 2014

Letter from the Past

Dear Wonmin,

Hey, congratulations on your graduation!

What are you going to do now? I hope that you're planning (if you already haven't made plans) on going to either Japan, China, or Korea.

I also really hope that you haven't fallen madly in love with some cute chick and plan to spend your post-graduation doing ridiculous things with her.

Please tell me that you're actually going to become bigger than any white person on this planet ever was. Prove to everybody what you are capable of! Prove to all those high schoolers, middle schoolers, friends, enemies, lovers, family, that you are the best.

While I don't know about your current circumstances, I do know that you will be an improved version of myself. Ideally, you can already speak pretty fluent Mandarin.

So be grateful for the past three years. Don't look back. Look forward. Step into graduation with open arms. Take the future. Don't spend your money needlessly. Don't waste your precious time with some flirty chick. These things are all a fleeting distraction. I hope that you have your priorities straight and can become what I know you will.

From your past self with love, admiration, and envy, 

Wonmin Lee

On a side note, the "bigger than any white person" thing was a phase I was going through when I noticed that a lot of executives, politicians, and influential people in America were white.
On a side side note, this was a letter I wrote to myself at the beginning of Brown--to be delivered upon graduating from Brown.