January 05, 2013

Left Turns and MoMath

The LED floor puzzle.
I went to the Museum of Math the other day. It was a recent addition to the dozens of museums already in existence in NYC, but being a sucker for hands-on museums, I couldn't let this one pass by.

While a relatively new museum (opened this December), it still garnered a rather large crowd on Christmas Day. The museum's two floors were packed with mostly parents and their kids. Sometimes it was a bit cramped due to overcrowding and I had to wait for my turn on certain exhibitions numerous times. Overall a pretty negative experience space-wise.

Otherwise, it was a pretty decent museum. I'd wait  a bit so they can learn how to deal with large crowds. Many of their attractions were broken when I visited, thus subtracting from the ideal experience. If you're interested, you should definitely stop by, it's worth one visit at least.

On a side note, I hope to be blogging more this Winter, so be on the look-out for more posts!