December 26, 2011

Depressive Spiral

Whenever I return home, I always get struck by a incredible sense of laziness. For some reason, sitting in my room just suppresses any sort of productivity that I try to muster up. It's a bit frustrating. And I've also noticed that my mental health seems to diminish when I am not productive. I get stuck in a depressive spiral downwards when I am not doing anything useful, but I cannot do anything useful in my room.

Twilight zone of the internet.
Then I try to fill this empty feeling inside myself with useless things on the internet. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, etc. Combined with the mouse gestures program I have installed on my computer, procrastinating has never been faster or more easily done. I check the same webpages constantly throughout the day, devouring any new piece of information that I come across. This is why websites like Reddit or StumbleUpon are so addictive, they are a constant stream of distracting and counter-productive information.

I have devised a two-step plan to counter-act this problem of non-productivity and laziness. One is to create a daily checklist of things I need to accomplish. The list does not necessarily change from day-to-day, but is just there as a guideline to help me finish overarching tasks. Hopefully, I can train my mind to value the euphoric response triggered from checking off this list more than clicking on new Reddit links. (Not that I even click them, thanks to Hover Zoom)

Second, thanks to my laptop, I have the mobility and freedom to work from any part of my house. For example, just the other day, I was able to accomplish quite a lot just by working from my kitchen. And now that my house finally has WiFi, I will be able to utilize the internet as well.

Hopefully, this plan will not backfire.

On a side note, can anybody recommend me good webcomics?

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Unknown said...

Dude, I know what you mean. It's also the weather! I just don't wanna get out of the house in the winter. In the summer, I'll at least play some ball and head into the city. But during winter break, it's just reading articles all day, reading, or watching shows and movies.

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