November 26, 2011

Arc Mouse

 A few weeks ago, I participated in a Microsoft raffle at my school and won an Arc Mouse. Before this mouse, I always used a Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse I bought with my laptop over two years ago. Here’s my review of the Arc Mouse.
The Microsoft Arc Mouse.

What: A surprisingly comfortable wireless mouse which folds for ultimate portability.

Why: You need a mouse with your computer and you are on the go a lot.

Folded view.
The key selling point of this mouse is that it folds up, reducing the size of the mouse by effectively 50%. The portability is definitely a huge plus because you don't want to be carrying a giant mouse everywhere. But the Arc Mouse fits snugly in any pocket.

It runs off two AAA batteries and uses a small USB transceiver to wirelessly communicate with the computer. Conveniently, there’s a groove where the USB attachment fits in magnetically.

Magnetic groove, side button, and battery cover.
Two standard PC buttons, a standard scroll wheel, and one button on the front left are the only buttons on this device. The left and right mouse buttons are pretty responsive and so far have been more than enough for my daily use and even a little gaming.

The scroll wheel is the kind where it has notches/levels instead of a completely smooth scroll, which I personally prefer. However, due to this, it does get noticeably loud when you scroll in silence. Otherwise, the noise of the scroll wheel shouldn’t be a problem. Another small issue is that it's relatively difficult to middle click sometimes, which is pretty annoying if I want to open a new tab, but fail to click the button.

Left / Right mouse buttons, scroll wheel, and side button.
I don’t quite know how to feel about the “back” button however. It’s placed a bit too far front to be pressed easily with the thumb. (Unless you have really long thumbs) I find myself having to lift my hand off the mouse to be able to press the button, which is definitely a hassle especially for when I want to go back really quickly.

Overall, it’s a decent mouse. I have used it extensively for the past two months and have had no major issues with it. It's pretty sturdy despite the giant gap underneath it. It’s also surprisingly comfortable despite how it looks. Like any mouse, however, it’ll take a bit to get used to its quirks and characteristics.

Verdict: I recommend this mouse for casual users or to those looking for comfort and portability. 

On a side note, what more stuff should I review?

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